Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Before you start shopping....

All vintage dresses are authentic and come in 1 piece per design only.

Measurements are in inches and taken as precisely as possible, slight difference is inherent. UK sizes are all estimates, so do refer to the actual measurements for a more accurate fit. Do email us if you have more queries about the measurements!

Do also note that there will be slight variance in the colour of the photo and the actual piece. More obvious difference will be highlighted by us.

Apologies for not being able to identify all the different materials of the dresses however, quality is guaranteed! It is definitely not the normal quality that one would expect from the usual blog shops! All dresses have been carefully hand washed by us. All dresses are in mint condition unless otherwise stated.

Simply click on the order form on our sidebar to start shopping!

Happy Shopping!

Pls allow us up to 24hrs to reply your email, thank you! =)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

= Notice =

Dear all,

Due to the high/repeated number of deadbuyers recently, we shall be blacklisting shoppers who have confirmed their orders but backed out without notice for 3 times or more. We have struggled with this for a long time coz we feel that it's ok for you to change your mind. Yet we received orders from buyers who back out without informing us multiple times and it's really unfair for other customers to keep waiting for a pending item that is not going to be paid for. Hence, we'll be implementing this system from 20th March 2012 onwards.

Let us know if you change your mind, it's ok! But it's not ok to go MIA & waste everyone's time!

Thank you for your understanding & have a great day!

Blu Sunflower